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The sample is a comedy, dramatic film from 2019, directed by Leonardo D’Agostini, with Stefano Accorsi and Andrea Carpenzano. Cinema release April 18, 2019. Duration 105 minutes. Distributed by 01 Distribution.

The story unfolds around the events of Christian Ferro (Andrea Carpenzano), a young promise from A.S. Rome that boasts a million-euro contract and an adoring audience. However, the undisciplined and rebellious character of a boy with a difficult childhood hides under the designer clothes.

The luxury villa he chose as his residence and the Lamborghinis parked in the garage are not enough to dampen the bad habits inherited from the Trullo, a suburban neighborhood where the footballer spent his adolescence between decay and poverty.

To clean up his image as a spoiled young man dedicated to stunts of all kinds, Tito (Massimo Popolizio), president of the team, identifies in Valerio Fioretti (Stefano Accorsi) the only teacher able to impose rules on him and accompany him on the difficult path to the high school diploma.

With a large salary, much more conspicuous than that received with the chair in high school, Valerio faces failures, humiliations and above all the difficult character of Christian without giving up. Between punishments and alternative teaching methods, the two will learn to know each other, discovering an element that unites them in pain.

Even if it is not purely a film about football, since it places friendship at the center of the story, as well as being a coming-of-age novel, Il Campione still takes us to the pitch at the Olympic Stadium and revolves around the Italians’ favorite sport.

Over the years, cinema has often drawn from football, but it has almost always done so through comedy, especially in the past, with Franco and Ciccio, Gigi and Andrea, Banfi and Sordi. There are also dramatic or in any case more serious examples, such as Pupi Avati’s Last Minute and Marco Risi’s Maradona – La mano de Dios, but in none of these films the aces of the ball were stars, celebrities just like the rock stars of the past and today’s pop stars.

It was this anthropological change in the figure of the footballer that pushed Sydney Sibilia and Matteo Rovere not only to finance the film, but to follow it in all its phases. The two producers, who as directors have brought a breath of fresh air into Italian cinema, immediately believed in the idea of ​​a young director named Leonardo D’Agostini, who wrote the story with Angela Lattanzi, inspired by the whims of Balotelli. a few years ago. Giulia Steigerwalt, to whom we owe Wife and Husband and Croce and Delizia, instead thought of the screenplay. Before making his debut with Il Campione, D’Agostini worked as a screenwriter and editor for TV series such as Il thirteenth apostolo, Solo and Rosy Abate and directed video clips, shorts and commercials. In addition to loving cinema, he is a fan of Roma, which is the team in which Christian Ferro plays and who has made his headquarters in Trigoria available to the crew and cast. Many footballers have given advice to Sibilia and Rovere, and Francesco Totti has seen and loved the film.

The protagonists of Il Campione are Stefano Accorsi and Andrea Carpenzano. The first is not new either to the film where we talk about sport to talk about something else (proof of this is Veloce come il vento) or to the football universe on the big screen, having played a referee in Paolo Zucca’s black and white film The referee. The second is one of the most promising young actors of the moment and was appreciated first in a small role in The Permission – 48 hours out of Claudio Amendola and then in Everything you want by Francesco Bruni and in The Land of Enough by the brothers D’Innocenzo. In the cast of Il Campione there are also Anita Caprioli, already “met” by Accorsi in Santa Maradona, and, in the role of Mister of AS Roma, Massimo Popolizio.

The films that have influenced Leonardo D’Agostini for Il Campione and his characters (characters at the antipodes) are Dino Risi’s Overtaking, Gus Van Sant’s Will Hunting – Rebel Genius and the French Quasi Amici.

The champion and the professor. The champion is that phenomenon of Andrea Carpenzano, that the film carries it all on his shoulders with nonchalance, while the professor is a Stefano Accorsi who has the humility and intelligence to support him, as a follower. Football is carefully reconstructed in its backstage, in that business side that starts everything, but at the center of everything there are feelings, the real ones. Of course, there are stereotypes, and the structure of the story proceeds in a somewhat mechanical and obvious way, but this is the commercial cinema that is needed and that is lacking in Italy. Congratulations to those who have been able to take and bring to the cinema themes, stories and characters who have been waiting for some time for someone to do it. (Federico Gironi -Comingsoon.it)

At the Nastro d’Argento in 2019 Leonardo D’Agostini was proclaimed best new director, while Andrea Carpenzano and Stefano Accorsi received the nomination, respectively, for best leading and supporting actor.