I ask you this question as, since both the real estate and the construction company have gone bankrupt, we are checking which subjects we can retaliate before taking legal action that could prove to be of uncertain outcome.

I am writing to ask you what I can do, having already reported my situation to the local police three times, and written a letter to the local newspaper.

I live in a residential area of ​​central Brescia, at the end of a street. In front of my house there is a farmhouse, whose owners, agricultural entrepreneurs, are responsible for unbearable noise pollution, even with closed windows (my house has double glazing), every hour of the day, every day (yes, even the Sunday. The owner is a workaholic, he has never taken a day off in his life). I stopped keeping the windows open for air circulation due to the noise.

What causes the noise is not only the traffic of agricultural vehicles, but also their stop (with the engine running for more than an hour), and the “sirens” such as those heard by the vehicles for road works. Well, it’s like having construction going on every hour of the day every day.

The dramatic thing in my opinion is that I am forced to listen to white noise with earphones every night, so as not to be woken at 7 am by these beasts. This leads me to assume an incorrect position during sleep, which has resulted in intense cervical and lumbar pain that does not leave me for a single minute of the day. I would like to specify that I am only 22 years old and I am a student, and I seem to be 80 for the physical pain I have. And I don’t have the money to try a lawsuit or to hire technicians at my expense. I find it ridiculous that for a health problem caused by a third party, I have to spend money to protect myself.

I am a 26 year old boy, I would like to ask you for information about the noise I have been subjected to for about a year.

I bought an apartment which is on the ground floor, exactly below it is the condominium boiler, the latter has caused me and continues to do so, a nervous breakdown, due to the noises it produces.

I went to the ARPA, but the latter told me that it cannot intervene as it is a matter between individuals, that is, between me and the condominium. I was advised to do a sound level survey, but the latter is, for my financial possibilities, not feasible. I would like to ask you about an answer that you have already given to a reader in a case similar to mine. The boiler in my condominium is turned on every day from 6 am to 9 am and then from 1 pm to 10.30 pm, is it to be considered a continuous cycle system? Really, in this case it must not exceed 25 decibels? Can you give me some advice?

I am writing to you because doing hundreds of searches on the internet you seem to me the best prepared on the subject. I really hope you can offer me an answer.

after years and sentences we managed to obtain the early closure of the premises under the condominium; first it closed at 02.00 at night making a hellish mess, then with the intervention of the ARPA and protest sheets on the balcony, we managed to get the court to close at 23.30 except on Fridays and Saturdays which closes at 00.30. Things have improved a lot since then, but the place has lost some customers. News of these days the manager has given the cancellation and will open a room in another location.

My question is this: the new manager will be able to apply the old timetable as the sentence is linked to the previous manager, or in the face of these new situations the place must at least be soundproofed since it has nothing to be a pub having been a shop?

I live in Genoa in the Pra ‘delegation, an area affected by the presence of a container port (VTE) with all the problems of related noises: ships docked in the port with motor-powered generators on, quay cranes, truck and crane buzzers, and about 5000 daily truck passes.

She can’t conceive of being the one who’s wrong .. Are you narcissistic in your opinion? He is cold, careerist at work, selfish … .. then tender like a child. For me it is an enigma. I tried to leave him but while I was talking to him about it, I didn’t believe it myself, I knew it was the furious anger talking… that it was my furious pride. a little for being sucked in and a little for being humiliated at work.

He keeps asking me for attention, I have the feeling that if I’m not his spinning satellite he won’t accept our love. Even in intimate relationships it’s cold if things don’t go super well .. I tell myself it’s because he’s still tied to his family of origin .. But I don’t know either. Now I have taken a clear position and returned to my home. Why do you think he’s so selfish? Do you need a mom? will it grow?

But why don’t you try to do some couples therapy to understand how to manage these couple dynamics?

It seems to me that there is love, we need to understand if you can be together without hurting each other

Thanks for the reply! it seems so insecure to me it has strong protection mechanisms .. but i am also very energetic and pissed off .. i am so naturally. I should have a lot of patience but in the end it is time for me to think about my career. I gave up everything for him, to understand him, to fight, believing he was my person. What if I can’t cultivate me because he asks me to cultivate him? yes, I could find a balance… it’s all really complicated. Couples therapy could be a solution. Even if it is very expensive .. but will it be worth it? I am afraid of wasting more precious time in my life.

Hello Dr. Zanon, reading your article unfortunately I found several points in common with the relationship with my partner.

We have been living together for 6 years and dating for 7, I thought he was the right person: sincere, mature, funny and our relationship was endowed with strong communication, complicity.

Then over time he began to demand a lot from me, both for trivial situations and for the most important ones, I indulged him, I changed my behavior for the sake of the relationship, I never asked for anything in return, I understand, I justify, I tolerate it, but without getting frustrated.

He often came home nervous, bothered by work and a plate still empty was enough when he returned for dinner to ignite heavy discussions in which he began to bring up problems that I thought had been clarified in the previous discussion (one of many was my loss of work due to crisis, reproaching me that I was incompetent and for that reason they rejected me at the interviews), then the discussion calmed down, we clarified, he apologized and the next time the same dynamic, and each time he hid behind the excuse that he was tired, the work was stressful, and asked me to understand it, to understand it and I gradually became compliant and tolerated and apologized more and more.

Then last year I get pregnant and things get worse, if at least there were happy moments before, now with the arrival of our daughter he becomes impatient, totally absent, we talk little to each other: always alone visits, any of my attempt to open a conversation regarding our daughter I had a wall in front of her, she answered in monosyllables and then she got irritated, I couldn’t even speak to decide the name together! To then justify himself with “there is time”, “I’m tired now”, etc. Also during pregnancy, with my 8-month-old belly, doing housework tired me a lot and at the end of the day I commented that I was tired, every time I cursed myself for opening my mouth! Began to bring me the example of pregnant women who until ‘last day they did heavy and tiring work, which I only knew how to complain, I state that I am a dynamic person and I never asked for help neither him nor my mother who instead wanted to help me to relieve myself of some fatigue.

– In the last 30 days “we travel around 200-300 daily cases of coronavirus positive, a stable figure despite small daily variations”. This was stated by the president of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Silvio Brusaferro. “A significant figure is the average age of the new positives, which previously was over 70, and has now dropped to around 40. Lethality, however, concerns the older ages,” he added.

– Green light from the Chamber of the Chamber to the majority resolution that extends the state of emergency on the coronavirus crisis until 15 October. The document was approved with 286 votes in favor, 221 against and 5 abstentions.

– Hans Kluge, the WHO regional director for Europe, made it known that the increase in coronavirus infections among young people may be at the origin of the increase in Covid-19 cases detected in various European countries. Kluge told the BBC radio that auotirtàs need to communicate better with young people.

– The number of new cases of covid-19 in Germany in the last 24 hours is still growing: 684 reports arrived at midnight yesterday, compared to 633 the previous day, according to the latest data from the Robert Koch Institut.

– The Covid vaccine that the Russian national research institute Gamaleya is working on has been sent to the competent department of the Ministry of Health for expert evaluation and its registration is expected to take place between 10 and 12 August: a source told the Russian news agency Interfax.

– China sees coronavirus cases still rise, to the highest levels of the last 4 months: new infections reached 101 in the tally reported on Tuesday announced today by the National Health Commission, up from 68 on Monday.

– The London government has signed an agreement with the French pharmaceutical group Sanofi and the British pharmaceutical group GlaxoSmithKline (Gsk) for the supply of 60 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine. Skynews reports.

– Coronavirus deaths in the United States in the last 24 hours were 1,592, the highest number in two and a half months, and new cases are over 60,000.

– The number of doctors who died of Covid-19 in Italy rises to 176 since the beginning of the epidemic. The data is updated by the federation of doctors’ orders (Fnomceo), which on its website listed in mourning keeps the list of colleagues killed by the virus.

– After four consecutive days with zero new deaths in Lombardy there was a coronavirus victim in the last 24 hours (out of 11 total in Italy). The dead are instead 5 in Veneto, 3 in Tuscany, 1 in Emilia Romagna and 1 in Lazio. The Basilicata Region reports that the significant increase in cases in the last week is due to imported and non-native cases resulting from screening activities. The Calabria Region reports that the increase in infections is due to 5 positive cases detected among the migrants landed in Crotone on 25 July. The Autonomous Province of Bolzano reports that the positives are 2,692 (today +2 compared to yesterday, but 10 cases must be subtracted, counted twice); therefore the positive figure updated as of today is 2.692. The Sardinia Region reports that the number of deceased is reduced by one unit following a recalculation. Therefore increases the number of healed by one unit.

– In Italy the number of positives to the new Coronavirus has risen to 246,488 (+202, yesterday +170), of which 198,756 recovered (+163, yesterday +147) and 35,123 dead (+11, yesterday +5). These are the main data of the Covid-19 emergency in Italy. The numbers were released by the Ministry of Health. The number of swabs carried out increased: compared to yesterday (25,551) 48,170 were recorded, for a total of 6,634,293. Sardinia reported a recalculation on the total of cases.

03, while the total cases of positives rise to 10,238. The recovered reached 8,817 (295 clinicians, all the others, 8,522, viral). In total, 318 people are currently positive for the virus in the region, + 1.3% compared to yesterday. Of these, 298 are in isolation at home (+11 compared to yesterday, up 3.8%), while 20 are hospitalized (-7 compared to yesterday) including 6 in intensive care (stable). 2,275 people have been isolated and are now under active surveillance after having had contact with the infected.

– All the Sea Watch crew are “Covid-free”. Yesterday, the crew members underwent the test after 28 of the migrants rescued from the German NGO boat and boarded the quarantine ship Moby Zazà in the harbor in Porto Empedocle, Sicily, were positive. The results of the tests were announced a few hours ago.

– “Confindustria Lombardia has done its utmost since the beginning of the emergency to safeguard the health and safety of workers, supporting and promoting the protocol signed by all the social partners at national level so that companies could continue to work ensuring maximum compliance with the rules anti-Covid and inviting all those companies that were not able to comply with this regulation to stop their activities “. This is what we read in the note released by Confindustria Lombardia, which thus expresses its solidarity with President Marco Bonometti, the subject of threats in relation to the failure to establish a red zone in the Bergamo area in February 2020, before the national lockdown.

– The latest peaks of coronavirus infections in Lazio are of concern. After the outbreaks of San Raffaele Pisana and Teresianum, the case of two restaurants in Fiumicino now worries. On Friday an employee of the Indispensa Bistrot restaurant was found positive for the coronavirus, while today the ASL of Rome 3 ordered the closure of a second restaurant in Fiumicino due to the positivity of the owner. “Of the 400 swabs performed yesterday at the Casal Bernocchi drive-in, 8 were positive”, announced the Covid Crisis Unit of the Lazio region. These are the “2 owners of the premises, 2 employees and 4 cohabitants of the patient from Bangladesh hospitalized yesterday at Spallanzani”.

– For the 16th consecutive day, Basilicata does not register new cases of coronavirus. Out of 311 swabs made, 311 were negative. Without prejudice to the number of currently positive (367) as there are no new healings. 27 total victims since the beginning of the epidemic, the last of which was on 9 May.

– The two letters containing a bullet sent to the president of Confindustria Lombardia, Marco Bonometti, already under guard since last Monday, are linked to the failure to establish the red zone in the Bergamo province last February. This was reported by the Giornale di Brescia.

– The Spallanzani Institute in Rome has announced that 106 patients are hospitalized at the hospital. Of these 47 are positive and another 59 have been investigated. 4 people in intensive care and 490 those moved home or discharged because they were cured.

– The toll of infections in South Tyrol is 2,636 following the two positive swabs recorded in the last 24 hours on 594 tests carried out. To date, the Region has carried out a total of 83,040 swabs on 40,235 people. The number of deaths from Covid-19 in hospitals rises to 175 people. The one in the nursing homes at 117.

– In the Veneto region there are two new infections from Covid19. In the last 24 hours, the Region has not registered any new victims. The total infected rose to 19,264, while the number of deaths remained stable at 2,007. The number of people hospitalized in Covid wards dropped by one (186). The number of patients in intensive care remains steady at 11. The current positives are 482 (-5), while the healed since the start of the pandemic are 16,775.

– Four million people have downloaded the Immuni app, numbers that for the Minister of Innovation Paola Pisano show that “the app is technologically and technically working”. Now “the pilot is the Ministry of Health, together with the Regions”, explains the minister. In this regard, he stresses, the application “is integrating well with the health system, no longer under pressure as before: we dialogue weekly with all the Regions”.

– According to the results of the serological test carried out in the municipality of San Giovanni Bianco, in the province of Bergamo, 38.8% of citizens tested positive (660 out of 1700) for Covid. The research, published by L’Eco di Bergamo, shows how the average age is 51 years. About 70% of infected people said they had flu-like symptoms conducive to those related to Covid.

– For the director of the infectious diseases department of the Sacco hospital in Milan, Massimo Galli, the second wave of coronavirus will never be comparable to that of the Spanish. Yesterday it was the deputy director of WHO Ranieri Guerra who warned about the manifestations of the next infections. Galli clarified that the cases could resume in September: “But not necessarily with a second wave and with the consequences of the Spagnola, we are not in 1918”.

– “It is in the German interest to have a strong internal market and for the European Union to grow together and not fall apart”. Angela Merkel says this in an interview with the European media and anticipated by the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung. And on the Recovery Fund it is clear: “It will not be able to solve all the problems but not having it would aggravate them. Too high unemployment in a country can have an explosive effect. The dangers for democracy would then be greater ”. And he adds: “We have not made all these resources available to remain unused”.

walking along the street I measured with an application installed on my smartphone and I found about 55/60 dB on the street level on the grates. The street is very narrow and short, so it acts as a sounding board, so in the silence of the night, if I open the window (and in the summer I will certainly have to do it) it seems that an ocean liner is passing by, especially since the engines seem to vibrate all the room in which they are crammed.

I have not yet asked any of the other condominiums who have lived on the first or second floor for some time how they can rest but in the meantime I share my perplexities because I must recognize that the noise we perceive in the house is not loud at all (it can be said silence reigns in the bedroom) but as I said a hum – a continuous vibration that wakes us up almost every night and “enters” our head. Will it be enough to exceed the threshold? Of course, positioning yourself at the source (above the grids) in order to be able to converse it is almost necessary to scream … Should I talk about it with the administrator?

I would like to ask you a question that no one can give vent to, and that is: in the area where I live there are small markets run by foreigners that stay open late. This generates bivouacs from afternoon to evening of foreign and Italian people who drink alcohol leaning on doors, cars, sitting on sidewalks etc., etc .. Situation certainly contrary to urban decorum and constitutional principles.

During the period of the anti-alcohol ordinance the situation improves a lot, but only in the evening as it prohibits (but only in some streets) the sale after 22.00 at these shops and (important) prohibits the consumption of alcohol on the street.

What I am wondering is not so much whether it is possible to prohibit the sale of alcohol at these establishments all year after a certain hour, this is because there is the liberalization desired by Bersani, but I wonder is there any rule to hold onto to prohibit the alcohol consumption on the street (therefore in areas not used for the consumption of alcohol such as bars or pubs, thus avoiding the bivouac at the source and all the resulting degradation? Do you know how are they regulated in other European countries?

in the apartment above mine the so-called second bathroom has been added which has been positioned opposite the first, blind at the end of the corridor where on the right there is the kitchen with a French window in the courtyard and on the left a bedroom overlooking the street . This small room was once a pantry, and is part of the kitchen.

I complain about the noise that spreads throughout the 130 square meter apartment from the engine that is operated and also that originated by everyone who uses it! The shower is then a shower of water that seems to receive overhead. While being upstairs is like having it in my kitchen, it is really intolerable to me. I pay a significant rent and I think it has not been installed up to standard.

Like many, I too would need your opinion on a subject of acoustics. The question is the following:

As part of the design and construction of an independent air conditioning system, is there a maximum sound limit to be guaranteed within the same apartment to which the system is enslaved? That is, when I buy a property from a builder, if the autonomous air conditioner (ducted split) produces and spreads noise inside the rooms of my apartment, I can make a claim against the builder, recalling legal limits (if these exist) ?

I wanted to ask you a question about the noises coming from the drying machines of a newly established laundromat business in the condominium where I live.

The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, The Life and Strange Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe is the son of a German merchant from Bremen (whose original name is Kreutznaer) who emigrated to England and fell in love with an English woman from York. Born in 1632 in the port city of York, his father strictly educates him to the new status of cadet representative of the middle class and wants him to become a lawyer in the future; the young man, however, who has always been strongly passionate about life on the sea, decides as soon as he is nineteen to go against his father’s directives, firmly contrary to his ‘travel instincts’, and therefore to embark to explore the world and learn about new horizons, as in Atlantic ocean and the Canary Islands.

In one of his first voyages off the coast of North Africa he was taken prisoner by pirates, thus remaining a slave at their mercy for two years; finally manages to escape from the Moroccan port of Salé together with other Arabs, including the young Xury, along the African Atlantic coast to the south.

Met a captain of the Portuguese navy, after having handed him Xury (under the promise of freeing him after 10 years of service and, above all, after the boy had converted to the only true religion, namely the Christian one) he is transported to Brazil, beyond the Atlantic Ocean, where he manages to take the lead of a sugar cane plantation thanks to his peculiar commercial skills.

He then returns to the sea in the direction of Guinea, with the intention of capturing Africans to be enslaved; the ship on which he travels, however, sinks off the coast of Venezuela due to a terrible Caribbean storm, ending up aground on an unknown island near the mouth of the Orinoco River. Robinson, the only survivor of the entire crew, manages to rescue muskets and several pieces of useful equipment from the wreck before it is completely destroyed by strong winds, waves and dispersed by the current, transporting them with rafts that he builds from time to time. time, thus preparing to begin their stay on the desert island.

First a fort is built in which to be safe at night; he begins to cultivate the land and to get clothes using the skins of the wild goats that seem to swarm all over the island; he will later succeed in having them reproduce and then raise them in flocks. Among the first things he builds there is also a large Cross, on which he engraves the date of his arrival: September 30, 1659. From that moment on he will make a notch on the cross daily like a calendar, so as not to lose consciousness of the time that passes.

He will remain on this island for twenty-eight long years, twelve of which passed in absolute solitude; however it easily adapts to its new type of existence and manages to capture and train even a talking parrot for company.

Robinson Crusoe decides to write down in a diary, day after day, all the experiences and adventures he had lived: he will continue to write it until he runs out of ink, in July 1660.

During a serious illness, in which he sees himself confined to bed in the throes of a very high fever, he has a vision: a man descends from a black cloud over a great flame and reminds him that until that moment his life has never been illuminated. from the light of faith. Back in health Robinson, who had never been particularly religious before, begins to strengthen his faith in God more and more, thanking him for all the things he can find on the island. He also gets into the habit of reading at least one page of the Holy Bible every morning, the only book he takes with him.

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The sample is a comedy, dramatic film from 2019, directed by Leonardo D’Agostini, with Stefano Accorsi and Andrea Carpenzano. Cinema release April 18, 2019. Duration 105 minutes. Distributed by 01 Distribution.

The story unfolds around the events of Christian Ferro (Andrea Carpenzano), a young promise from A.S. Rome that boasts a million-euro contract and an adoring audience. However, the undisciplined and rebellious character of a boy with a difficult childhood hides under the designer clothes.

The luxury villa he chose as his residence and the Lamborghinis parked in the garage are not enough to dampen the bad habits inherited from the Trullo, a suburban neighborhood where the footballer spent his adolescence between decay and poverty.

To clean up his image as a spoiled young man dedicated to stunts of all kinds, Tito (Massimo Popolizio), president of the team, identifies in Valerio Fioretti (Stefano Accorsi) the only teacher able to impose rules on him and accompany him on the difficult path to the high school diploma.

With a large salary, much more conspicuous than that received with the chair in high school, Valerio faces failures, humiliations and above all the difficult character of Christian without giving up. Between punishments and alternative teaching methods, the two will learn to know each other, discovering an element that unites them in pain.

Even if it is not purely a film about football, since it places friendship at the center of the story, as well as being a coming-of-age novel, Il Campione still takes us to the pitch at the Olympic Stadium and revolves around the Italians’ favorite sport.

Over the years, cinema has often drawn from football, but it has almost always done so through comedy, especially in the past, with Franco and Ciccio, Gigi and Andrea, Banfi and Sordi. There are also dramatic or in any case more serious examples, such as Pupi Avati’s Last Minute and Marco Risi’s Maradona – La mano de Dios, but in none of these films the aces of the ball were stars, celebrities just like the rock stars of the past and today’s pop stars.

It was this anthropological change in the figure of the footballer that pushed Sydney Sibilia and Matteo Rovere not only to finance the film, but to follow it in all its phases. The two producers, who as directors have brought a breath of fresh air into Italian cinema, immediately believed in the idea of ​​a young director named Leonardo D’Agostini, who wrote the story with Angela Lattanzi, inspired by the whims of Balotelli. a few years ago. Giulia Steigerwalt, to whom we owe Wife and Husband and Croce and Delizia, instead thought of the screenplay. Before making his debut with Il Campione, D’Agostini worked as a screenwriter and editor for TV series such as Il thirteenth apostolo, Solo and Rosy Abate and directed video clips, shorts and commercials. In addition to loving cinema, he is a fan of Roma, which is the team in which Christian Ferro plays and who has made his headquarters in Trigoria available to the crew and cast. Many footballers have given advice to Sibilia and Rovere, and Francesco Totti has seen and loved the film.

The protagonists of Il Campione are Stefano Accorsi and Andrea Carpenzano. The first is not new either to the film where we talk about sport to talk about something else (proof of this is Veloce come il vento) or to the football universe on the big screen, having played a referee in Paolo Zucca’s black and white film The referee. The second is one of the most promising young actors of the moment and was appreciated first in a small role in The Permission – 48 hours out of Claudio Amendola and then in Everything you want by Francesco Bruni and in The Land of Enough by the brothers D’Innocenzo. In the cast of Il Campione there are also Anita Caprioli, already “met” by Accorsi in Santa Maradona, and, in the role of Mister of AS Roma, Massimo Popolizio.

The films that have influenced Leonardo D’Agostini for Il Campione and his characters (characters at the antipodes) are Dino Risi’s Overtaking, Gus Van Sant’s Will Hunting – Rebel Genius and the French Quasi Amici.

The champion and the professor. The champion is that phenomenon of Andrea Carpenzano, that the film carries it all on his shoulders with nonchalance, while the professor is a Stefano Accorsi who has the humility and intelligence to support him, as a follower. Football is carefully reconstructed in its backstage, in that business side that starts everything, but at the center of everything there are feelings, the real ones. Of course, there are stereotypes, and the structure of the story proceeds in a somewhat mechanical and obvious way, but this is the commercial cinema that is needed and that is lacking in Italy. Congratulations to those who have been able to take and bring to the cinema themes, stories and characters who have been waiting for some time for someone to do it. (Federico Gironi -Comingsoon.it)

At the Nastro d’Argento in 2019 Leonardo D’Agostini was proclaimed best new director, while Andrea Carpenzano and Stefano Accorsi received the nomination, respectively, for best leading and supporting actor.