The reasons for this secular subsistence are the following2:  Only the printed page accompanied by illustrations is truly effective when the information is extremely complex.  The use of the book does not depend on any auxiliary or reproductive equipment.  Reading as a process of assimilation of information occurs faster than listening. However, among the most important inconveniences related to the transmission of knowledge through books, it is possible to cite the long delay between the preparation of the original and its publication. From the formal point of view, books3 are documents with more than 48 pages that constitute a bibliographic unit. By their content, books have a scientific, practical or literary character; they cover all the cultural manifestations of man. The book is the publication of a text or graphic representations greater than 48 (the cover and title page are excluded). It can consist of one volume or several, numbered or edited as part of a collection or series. According to Mikhailov, Chiornii and Guilariesvskii4, the generalizations of scientific knowledge that characterize books give them great importance, since they facilitate the investigation of the cardinal problems of any field of knowledge and constitute an incomparable means of education, teaching and culture. Books belong to the set of monographic publications and can also be included within traditional documents. In this context, monographic publications3 are defined as those that contain text, illustrations or both, in a directly readable form and are presented in full in a single volume or must be completed in a finite number of volumes (Reference adapted from ISBD (M)).

In general, they are called books. This class of documents also includes brochures, textbooks, manuals, monographs, theses, reports and reports whose definitions appear in Annex 1. The Latin American and Caribbean Information System in Health Sciences establishes a division of the documents different for the materials processed by LILACS5, however, it does not contradict in any way with that of this manual. Such categorization is the following: monographs, theses, dissertations, unconventional documents and conferences. It is necessary to clarify that although unconventional theses, dissertations and documents conform to the definition of monographs, they are part of a subset of them: in this case, manuscripts. Regarding reports and memories, their membership in periodical publications is established if their frequency is fixed.

The statistic behind this task is the Gaussian distribution, or normal distribution. The standard deviation is another of the necessary statistical concepts.

Predictive analysis builds models to infer the response of a sample (dependent variable) given a series of variables that define it (independent variables). In most cases we use artificial intelligence algorithms, which learn from historical data for which we do know the answer. Some of the most popular algorithms in this context are: decision trees, random forests, support vector machines (SVM), neural networks, boosting or linear regression. They are supervised algorithms because if we determine the answer, unlike clustering and profiling.

Predictive analysis can infer about the response to a certain campaign, estimating the predisposition of an individual to respond positively or not to a campaign. The classification or scoring algorithms determine to which specific class a given individual belongs, and the probability with which it can belong to the class.

The recommendation of friends, also known as link prediction, is another predictive analysis task that uses existing connections between the individuals that represent the sample in order to suggest new connections.

Regression is a classic case of a technique used within the field of predictive analysis. One of the most documented cases within the ecommerce scene is that of Target, which was a pioneer in identifying pregnant users according to their browsing pattern and thus recommended products especially for this audience.

The resulting model is the regression function that establishes an exit point given some input coordinates. Geometrically it is a line equidistant from all the individuals that represent the population.

There are some statistical concepts related to regression: r-squared (r ^ 2), f-test, and t-test. The r-square serves to know to what extent the line adapts to the population distribution (fitness). The f-test determines the statistical significance, establishing that the result does not happen by chance (also used to conclude an AB or MVT test). The t-test is used to know which are the variables that define the population are really relevant and which are the redundant ones (also useful for data filtering tasks -data-reduction) -.

Another of the classic tasks is the recommendation of products based on the analysis of the shopping basket, also called market-basket analysis or co-occurrence grouping. This technique is a progression of the previous one, focused only on observing which are those products that usually appear together in a transaction.

This is the case of the Amazon book recommender who tells us “Users who have bought book 1 have also bought book 2”, or buyers who have bought soda R have also bought snack S.

To solve this task, associative rules are used as a form of information representation. From the construction of these rules, the support, confidence and lift parameters are obtained. The support represents the number of times that certain items appear together in the transaction dataset. The confidence determines the frequency with which a given item appears another. While the lift establishes the probability with which a given product can appear another.

So far the best way I have found to implement this kind of analysis is by using Rattle.

Rattle is a graphical interface that is installed on top of the R statistics software. The good thing about Rattle is that it raises its interface by following the steps that the entire data mining process has, from data processing to the construction of predictive models, also including basic or descriptive statistics functions.

She joined DBi in 2009. She has worked with numerous clients since then. Among them, the UOC, Vueling or Gas Natural.

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I mean big data.

I think big data is the best defense against big brother, first foundation speakers, or the thought police. I am based on two premises:

The first in that big data tries to obtain information using databases that do not have the purpose of storing information directly related to the object of study. That is, it seeks to obtain patterns or conclusions based on information not related in an obvious way, so publishing information may mean making it possible to know something totally unrelated a priori. Therefore, the only possible information control would be the absence of any type of information, even false information will result in true relationships.

The second is that the origin of the information does not matter, the important thing is that the more data the better, the more sources the better, the more aspects of society the better. Precisely for its objective of finding new relationships, the more it is intended to control, the more data is provided.

An example of how useless and wrong information ultimately provides true information is the LinkedIn job posting system. Currently there is talk of new professions. Articles are published on what people will be doing in 5 years and it is announced that many of these professions do not exist today. All of this is true. That could encourage people to orient their training towards specializing in these new professions (among which is big data itself). But if we combine this information with job offers, including those of LinkedIn itself, it can be seen that there is currently no such demand for new professions.

It is possible that these days have led to the accumulation of news that allows us to think that the big brother is more real than we imagine, but everything has its inertia and changes of course may be delayed but at the same time they can be very difficult to redirect. In 1956 the EEC Treaty was signed, then came the Single Act, the Maastrich Treaty, the single currency, which has been fiercely defended by all countries during this crisis despite its failures. I am optimistic and I believe that the foundations have been laid so that, once we have emerged from the crisis, the next milestone in European construction, social Europe and European taxation will be addressed.

He grows in public stature as he abandons his solitude and his work often deteriorates. Because he does his job alone, and if he is a good enough writer, he must face eternity or the lack of it, every day (Ernest Hemingway)

The writer who survives his time is the one who knows how to express it more adequately and concretely with the greatest relief and talent (Diderot)

Dig the earth anywhere and you will find a treasure … Only you must do it with the faith of the peasant (Louise Hay)

The worst thing a person can do in his life is run away from himself; sooner or later it will be reached … and also tired

Smile even if it is only a sad smile, because sadder than the sad smile, it is the sadness of not knowing how to smile

The ships are safe if they remain in port, but they were not made for that (Enrique Barrios)

They can stop you from being a published author, but no one can stop you from being a writer, or even a better writer every day. All you have to do to be a writer is write (Khaterine Neville)

In life there are men who are good one day; there are others who are for a month and are very good; others who are good for many years and are exceptional but there are others who are good all their lives and those are indispensable (Bertold Brecht)

We are all teachers and students. Ask yourself: What did I come to learn here and what did I come to teach? (Enrique Barrios)

Think of me when you are sad, because in sadness you think about what you have loved the most

Loneliness is being surrounded by people and thinking only about the one you lack (Anonymous)

Of the things I say, the most beautiful and sincere are the ones I say without thinking

Lying is the worst of sins and should be condemned by eternal sadness

I think that the worst thing a woman supports is not so much to give herself to pieces as to give herself without reason (Anne Morrow Lindbergh)

Defeat in war is not the greatest of evils, except when inflicted by an unworthy enemy (Aeschines)

No man is capable of meeting his needs without the help of society. These needs, acting on each individual, impel the totality of them towards society, in the same way that the force of gravitation impels towards a center (Thomas Paine)

The true proof that one was born with great qualities lies in being born without envy (François de la Rochefoucauld)

Domestic happiness is the end of our yearnings, and the general reward of all our works (Henry Fielding)

I learned .

Regardless of the time, be it nine o’clock or rushing to close, no one takes a good ride from us with their phone calls to friends and family. Now I call less, because in five minutes I do not have time to say much (nor is there much to tell), and because my apple is built on a steep slope, so I gasp more than I respond when my mother asks me how the day.

Do you know those dogs whose owners always proudly say that they seem to be aware that someone is talking about them? This is not the case with Truffle. She is smart in her own way, more mischievous than intelligent and displays a complex emotional management that these days translates into having a 15-kilo dog by my side trying to climb on my chair while I type. I’m not saying this as a complaint, because I don’t know if I would be able to handle a situation in which instead of a furry pooch, whoever tried to get on my lap was a churumbel asking me to explain what the commutative law is. If these days of introspection and recollection are serving any purpose, it is to confirm that I am not even remotely ready for fatherhood.

In the first days of a state of alarm, we dog owners set ourselves up as triumphant winners of confinement, with at least two excuses a day to give the system a comb. I have to confess that at the beginning I kept the usual route (go down the hill, turn left, leaving my old school aside, cross the bridge over the Jaboneros, reach a small patch of grass and return after a respectable 25 minutes to good rhythm). Truffle. Like many adopted stray dogs, it only relieves itself on grass or dirt, traumas from worse times. The first day I saw a police car prowling our private toilet, I got chills and I decided to stick to the leaning and boring block after receiving a real smack smack and bang. Nowadays, going more than 200 meters from home is a real affront, and there is not enough to explain to the policemen that my dog ​​is exquisite and needs a specific point to inspire.

I believe that the confinement has installed Trufa in a perpetual adolescence, because she cries senselessly and when I say a loud ‘no’ to her in the middle of the interview, she goes to the bedroom, angry, punishing my rejection. I suppose that my disorderly exits and entrances (you know, journalists have no schedule) used to serve to regulate their spirits and dose their need for affection.

Silence is sometimes a bad answer, a very bitter answer (Gar Mar)

Anyone who says they can see through women is missing a lot of things (Groucho Marx)

The left has its right wing, the right its left wing, I hear the murmur of wings, but I know that no bird will rise into the air (Heinrich Böll)

The onion makes us cry, but the vegetable that makes us laugh has not yet been invented (Frank Capra)

Life deserves to be lived with all enthusiasm and joy. It is the most precious gift we possess (Rabindranath Tagore)

Too bad that when you start to learn the trade of living you already have to die (Ernesto Sábato)

Life is so short and the job of living so difficult, that when one begins to learn it, one has to die (Ernesto Sábato)

I know that I gave a jasmine in childhood one afternoon, and the afternoon did not exist (Francisco Brines)

What you think of yourself matters much more than what others think of you (Lucio Aureo Seneca)

Not only of bread the man lives. Every now and then he needs a drink too (Woody Allen)

The principle of activity is love. Love fills the entire universe with its presence, moves its springs and makes them attend an admirable concert (Plato)

There is no happiness in living long, nor unhappiness in dying soon; happy is he who has lived long enough to deserve to die well (Francis Quarles)

I find as much difference between myself and myself as between myself and others (Michel Eyquem de Montaigne)

Sit at the door of your house and you will see the corpse of your enemy pass by (Arabic proverb)

From the moment the word develops, the human personality appears (P. Lecomte du Nöuy)

Of all the ruins in the world, the ruin of man is, without a doubt, the saddest spectacle (Théophile Gautier)

Nothing is more useful than learning many things, nor easier than hearing them (Juan Luis Vives)

Estimation is like a flower; once trampled or worn down, it never recovers (Giacomo Leopardi)

The truth is a torch that shines in the middle of the fog without dispelling it (Claude A. Helvétius)

An individual with a watch knows what time it is; an individual with two watches is never sure of the correct time

There is a false modesty that is vanity, a false greatness that is smallness, a false virtue that is hypocrisy and a false wisdom that is prudence (Jean de La Bruyère)

Only time can reveal the righteous man to us; the wicked can be known in a single day (Sophocles)

Do not undertake any work with the fury of passion; It is equivalent to going to sea in the middle of a storm (Thomas Fuller)

Your tongue is like a lion; If you keep it with you, it will defend you, but if you let it escape it will end up devouring you (Arabic proverb)

The father must be the friend and the trusted man of the children; not the tyrant (Vicenzo Gioberti)

The son of a thief easily ends up becoming a thief; the cub feels the instinct of the wolf (Magnus G.

In my country, it was only three and a half months of maternity leave, so I decided to give up to stay at home taking care of my baby. However, my baby’s first year I managed to work from home and hired a niece to help me. But it was the most stressful experience I have ever had in my life. My niece did things reluctantly and ended up doing everything to avoid fighting with her. Until I finally decided to be alone and without work to dedicate myself completely to my baby. And definitely, I took a lot of pressure off myself. But, I have felt so lonely, my husband travels a lot, and the few times that he was at home he was not very friendly (although after several conversations I have managed to improve him in this aspect and to collaborate more). My parents live far away and the only close family I have is a cousin, but it is difficult for me to ask her for much help, since she is a very conflictive person and a sister-in-law who gives a lot of advice, who on the day my daughter was born treated me very badly because according to she did not know how to breastfeed. So I have lived a very lonely and depressed motherhood, although I try to cheer myself up by seeing the progress of my daughter, who is already 2 years and 6 months old and is about to enter the garden. And I hope I have a little more time to take care of my health and my desires, which I have had to delay by spending full time taking care of my baby.

Much encouragement. Gigi. I understand perfectly what you are talking about. Many times it is difficult to ask for help because the options that we have around are not good either. Or because it gives us something. Or because we don’t want to disturb. Where is my tribe? What was Carolina del Olmo saying? A big hug.

2 years and 8 months have passed since my daughter was born and the feeling of loneliness does not go away. On the part of my parents I have no relationship with them either, as Diana happens to you, you see the treatment received from them and you move further away, to this is added that we do not live close. And on the part of my husband’s family, we have always gotten along very well, but the lack of empathy is enormous, lack of empathy towards the little girl and towards us.

I spend a lot of time alone, parenting 24 hours 7 days a week, I stopped working since the parenting model that we have around is not the most respectful towards our daughter, so we decided to do it ourselves.

however, in the “incriminated” areas of the Marina and Stampace districts, the noise level at night measured continuously (22.00-06.00) was almost always above 60 dB. Let’s imagine what results would have been achieved in the period of real noise pollution.

1- Can the Municipal Noise Plan be changed with the Noise Restoration Plan, given that the approval procedures are different?

2- It is possible to establish in the Acoustic Plan a maximum admitted noise level (60dB) not contemplated in the relevant legislation for the sole purpose of achieving a political purpose: to save the forest of seats at the table and with it try to bury the disastrous environmental policy which has distinguished the local councils of every color?

3- Can an Acoustic Restoration Plan be considered valid, instructed on phonometric measurements performed when noise pollution is at its lowest?

I am writing for your help, because my life has become impossible. I make a brief summary of the situation: the house where I live owned by me is a three-family, I occupied the central part. The apartment on the side is nearing completion, but they have opened a load-bearing wall, a veranda is made, as well as widening two windows in the attic.

They started working in October 2017, since that date they have been making noises of all kinds, initially with diesel generator and compressor, the noises of pneumatic hammer, then hammer drill or demolition, are simply intolerable for health. every day the dB tolerance limit, reaching peaks of 110 db (NB measured by PC), in addition to the noises of demolition hammer etc., even a week before Christmas, they used the compressor with diesel, emitting the noise and the intolerable smell.

I simply explained my current situation, I also want to say that I had a heart operation in 2010 and I have other pathologies, now because of these noises, I suffer from anxiety attacks, I can no longer sleep, I have diabetes from stress, blood pressure with sudden heart attack risk, my wife is depressed because she can no longer work on the computer, our life seems to have no future in this community.

I have also reported the mayor to the Municipality either via email or phone call many times, but I have never seen any employee of the municipality, who verifies that all the works are carried out in accordance with both environmental and health safety law, I I have reached the limit of tolerance. Please kindly need your advice, thank you in advance for your availability.

I am writing to you because for about 10 days my quality of life has deteriorated due to a noise that only I seem to hear in such an annoying way. It is not a tinnitus, it is also perceived by others but it devastates me.

My home is 15 meters away from a primary substation of the energy distribution company. I have been hearing a constant noise for some time that I thought was related to transformers, but lately this noise has gotten much worse. The disturbance in my living environment can be even more evident when the doors and windows are closed.

Initially I heard it only at night now throughout the day and also in areas not adjacent to the plant. I am beginning to be really worried because I am noticing negative effects, both on a physiological and psychological level, and I think I have developed a particular sensitivity to this strange noise that now prevents me from normal daily activities.

I called the network management company several times and they assured me that the noise I hear does not depend on their control unit, it does not seem to have the characteristics, and given the proximity and a noise that should increase when opening the windows.

What the hell are you going out with me if you think about her ??? 2 app. text messages on wa. Bella, eyes, darling, love (if okay), let’s fix dinner. An hour earlier he calls me to tell me he was tired. Unfucked. 3 app. After several text messages and 4 postponed appointments, he disappears from the ether. He was no longer heard – 4 apps Let’s go out. Coffee. Let’s talk. There is a feeling. Let’s make a second appointment. the day before the meeting he makes the following apologies. 1_ they changed my shift (never happened in 2 weeks that day yes) – – I leave work late I can’t – I can’t I have to talk to my wife (on 365 days a year just that day !!!) – I have a child (what is it in two 4 days you remembered to have a child) … he is confused as well about excuses. All out of luck. and we are the problem !! I was willing to get to know all four of them but that I found that you like to play but only get to a certain point and then run away.

After a recent breakup of the bad ones, I was thinking about signing up, mostly to distract myself and make me tear a few smiles.

The only doubt: that acquaintances and friends of my ex see me there. I don’t know if I would feel comfortable for now, but sooner or later I will.

“Very different photos (the ugliest is always the most truthful)”. Ditto for you, from the photo dressed as a banana you look ugly so you are. LOL

Hi Giulia. I’ve always read to you since 2010 but I almost never comment. I’m re-reading this post after finally making it to the magical world of Tinder. I agree on everything.

It is very difficult to find someone really interesting since many of them can only talk about work (which I hate) and write hello, how are you? and so on.

Isn’t it by chance that you would like to make an update more oriented to how we girls have to behave and face these bold young people? Both in front of the different categories (the one who writes you when you want him or after hours) and so on.

Unfortunately, by nature I am quite available, I answer as soon as I can, I do not make myself want, etc. etc.

On the other hand, sometimes I feel like being a bitch, using irony and “giving them” when they are fake or boring.

I don’t know what update to do, in the sense that you just have to talk and try to get to know each other, and understand how to behave according to the type in front of you, in the sense that you have to put the assholes in place and not humiliate the tatoni, but not even waste time. I’m pretty bad in general, I admit, I don’t have time to waste and I don’t want to chat endlessly.

I forgot to write: it made me laugh at the photo of you at the bar you follow your grandmother’s advice ahahahahah

I ended up on this site looking for information on Tinder and I really liked your article! 😀 Fun, interesting and well written, congratulations!

On the issue of gallantry and feminism I have my own personal opinion: I am a feminist (in the sense that I believe in gender equality and I am grateful to all those who have fought and are fighting for my rights, not in female superiority, given that disinformation about meaning of the term rages mercilessly) but I really like kindness and it makes me feel special, so I really appreciate a “knight” man, when he is so for genuine kindness and not in a slimy way, thinking of “getting” something in return. In short, I have a weakness for a “healthy romantic chivalry”, as a girl wrote before me. In addition, kindness and consideration should be qualities to be shown to each other, and not one-sided, that improve mood and quality of life.

ATTENTION: from 1 January 1982 the Monthly Check is incompatible with the ownership of other invalidity pensions provided by the compulsory general insurance for old age, invalidity and survivors, even in the special management for artisans, traders and direct farmers; from 1 January 1991 it is also incompatible with any pension provided for invalidity due to war, work or service; the holder can however opt for the higher treatment. In particular, as regards INAIL, the incompatibility is extended to direct annuities, the allowance for continuous personal assistance, the continuous monthly allowance, the non-placement allowance and the contingency grant for the severely disabled. I also remind you that, however, since INAIL annuities are subject to revision, in the event of their suspension, the option can be revoked at any time.

The disbursement of the Invalidity Allowance (disability between 74% and 99%) to unemployed persons is subject to enrollment in the special lists of maximum employment provided for by law 68/99 in order to demonstrate one’s willingness to enter the world of work. For unemployed adults who, however, attend a regular course of study, registration on the maximum employment lists is not necessary as, according to sentence no. 329/2002 of the Constitutional Court, later confirmed with n. 2034/2007, the will to enter the world of work is inherent in this behavior; naturally this occurrence will be proven with the school attendance certificate.

For the Disability Pension, there are no incompatibilities with other pension payments for disability due to war, work or service.

at the age of 67 (and this starting from January 1, 2019), the Monthly Disability Check or Total Civil Disabled Pension is transformed into a Social Check; But be careful: it may happen that you are entitled to a contributory pension at the same time, so you could exceed the income limits indicated above; in this case the payment of the economic providence is suspended;

Deaf-dumb and disabled workers with a disability equal to or greater than 74% are allowed to request, for each year of work actually performed, the benefit of two months of notional contribution. The benefit is recognized for a maximum of 5 years of notional contributions and is useful for the purposes of pension entitlement and contributory seniority. Thus the right to retire early can be achieved (5 years maximum).

Tax exemption and university fees (inv. Equal to or greater than 66% and recognition of a person with disabilities pursuant to law 104/92)

granting of Monthly Assistance Check; in 2019, INPS pays 13 monthly payments of € 286.81 (income limits to be seen above)

granting of disability pension; in 2019, INPS pays 13 monthly payments of € 286.81 (income limits to be seen above)

Hello, I am writing from Florence, I have a 34 year old son suffering from schizophrenia with recognition of Invalid with Total and permanent inability to work: 100% art.2 and 12 L 118/71. He currently receives the minimum pension of around 290 euros per month and I thought that from August he would receive the infamous increase to around 515 euros per month and instead always receives 290 euros. Is there something that escapes me or is it just a delay from the INPS? Thank you

This increase is the result of a ruling by the Constitutional Court, n. 152 of 23 June – 20 July 2020.

With the so-called “August decree”, the changes requested by the Constitutional Court were then accepted but the INPS has not yet started the procedures, also because there are “buts” and “ifs”, but for this I invite you to read the latest articles on the home page of the site, an absolutely reliable and attentive information site for the disabled.

Hi, my brother has 100% disability and law 104 for severe handicap.

But now he is a little better and some jobs he would like and maybe he could do.

the 1st is: If he were hired here in Italy I know that those hiring him for tax relief etc etc would have many benefits, and he would be hired for recovery purposes and only for a part-time of 25 hours a week.