Why Is Dating So Hard Nowadays? 6 Dating Experts Explain

That said you did speak some truth and dating stats. You gotta believe me king, bitches aren’t worth tears over not fucking. Being an “alpha” or “chad” is only cool if you don’t have a fucking soul, and realizing women will fuck you but they’ll never actually love you hurts just as much.

Each person that you date or have a romantic connection with will teach you something. When you finally meet the person you’re meant to be with, all that knowledge will help you have and maintain a good relationship with the person that’s meant to love you. You can never compared the women today from years ago when most women in the past were very easy to date and meet. Nowadays most women are very picky and will go for looks, as well as men that have money especially. There are so many very overweight women today more than ever before, and really not that attractive either. And these type of women really think they’re all that as well, which back in the past when looks didn’t really matter at all.

Completing a degree and working in a good job part-time. However, I find ladies just not wanting to give men a chance and they have a pick from the apple tart. So if you do one thing wrong from my experience you are either being blocked, ignore, or they play games.

I’ve been on a total of 35 dates from various dating sites. Only 2 of these even led to second dates however. It’s hard not to end up feeling you’re a total weirdo when this happens. Thing is I never seemed to have much trouble 20 or so years ago. I found her mind so damned sexy and in many respects she was the mirror imagine of myself. She was such an awesome communicator caring passionate and deep.

So as difficult as this may be to hear … regardless of who is the cause for your pain, healing is still your responsibility. I won’t say that online dating is a commitment, but it should be treated as one. A commitment that also doesn’t consume your life, which is where the path can turn thick, muddy and into quicksand. Your mental health and well being comes first – always, always – but dating online is also not something you jump on and off of repetitively out of failure, disappointment and frustration.

Similar level of success as you and yet we are judged. I had this discussion with a married couple once. I basically stated I am highly educated, debt free and have my life in order yet I am being passed over by women who are emotional and financial train wrecks because I’m not in their league. It sounds like those men were indecisive about what they were looking for. I know that as a man, I would like to know where a relationship is going after a certain point too. I mean maybe it’s just me, but I’d be looking for commitment after a certain point in the relationship.

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